Logiverbe Inc.     For Revenue Growth in Global Markets
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When your business develops global markets.   Let us help you master each new location.

Logiverbe Inc.         Toll Free (877) 722 - 5942 Ext. 101

In an ever changing business climate, it is never helpful to be caught without a plan.  Why pass up new revenue opportunities from other countries, cultures and markets?  You can convert your existing English language marketing, packaging, product and training information into a format that is easily understood by new prospective foreign clients or vendors.

Whether your product or services materials take the customer presentation form of Web, Video, Audio, Printed Materials, Instruction and Training Manuals or Commercial Broadcast Media, we are there to help.  With professional staff and language support in over 12 countries, let us show you how to make the most of a wonderful new environment.

Atlanta - Beijing - Tokyo - Lima - New York - Paris- Rio - Toronto

These are just a few of the locations that we serve and we have been bringing a high standard of quality and service to our clients for over 20 years.  The delivery of linguistic excellence is our specialty.  You understand your business well, while we understand your geographic locations, languages and cultures.  Our Logiverbe team is ready to serve.

What Makes Us Different From Most Language Services Companies?

We triple check each customer project with a 3-step quality control proceedure.  Each language conversion project is checked by three different certified language professionals.  Then each media format is verified to ensure that it matched the layout and marketing and/or product specifications that were defined by the original English language Benchmark document or media type.

Language Planning

Our professional Logiverbe Language Team works with each client to ensure that plans, schedules and deadlines can be met for each project outlined for specific locations.

We work with each customer to ensure that futures plans are understood and that sufficient resources can be brought to bear to ensure completion.

Cost Control

Budgets and Cost Controls are important to us at Logiverbe.  We work with each cleint to make sure that costs and quality control can be balanced and obtain the optimum outcome to guarantee cleint satisfaction.